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Observing the Climate Change World

I have entered the world of climate change adaptation. We all live in this climate changed world, but I now get paid, as a Capacity Development professional (!) to intervene in it.


My orientation around the web revealed a mind boggling number of websites for the Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) practitioner, and I have already come across two studies comparing all the training manuals that have been developed in this field. Much of this fragmentation seems to come from the way…


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Facilitator Certification

I have always been able to confidently claim ‘’passion for facilitation”, and have actually chosen it as the title for my blog, but now I can also claim to meet international standards, and can call myself Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF).

 On May 26, I participated in a certification day organised by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). I have been a member of the IAF for many years, and I…


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People do not care. Or do they?

People seem to have lost interest in development aid, and yet they also seem to find poverty and widespread inequality unacceptable. What's wrong with this picture?

I came across this short video from TED (their mission is spreading ideas), which shows a talk from Dave Meslin, a community choreographer as he calls himself, from Toronto Canada. Dave speaks about why people do not seem to care about (local) politics. It just takes 7 minutes.



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Market thinking to enhance ownership of capacity development processes

(I wrote this blogpost together with Nicolette Mathijssen, was published on 17 March 2011 for an upcoming online discussion "Capacity: on the brink of maturity?" in The Broker)

Ownership is an important issue in Capacity Development (CD) processes. People and organisations don’t develop simply because an outsider believes it needs to happen. This argument is…


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Beads - passion for facilitation

I have wanted to start a blog for a while now. In many ways I am a collector, and I would like to make my collections available to others. The risk with collections is that they tend to find more and more interesting things around which collections could grow, and then run out of space. I therefore see my blog as a way to keep focus and give room to a big passion of mine: working with people’s change towards situations that are more ideal and just. This collection will, at least for…


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