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February 2012 Blog Posts (5)

What to do on International Women's Day?

I was checking out events on International Women's Day, next week the 8th of March. Then I remembered that Vietnam has its own National Women's Day on the 20st of October. That day has grown into something like Valentines Day, or Mothers Day. Women expect to receive flowers and to get pampered by…


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What is your role in a community of practice?

Over the weekend, I followed a tweet to test your role in a community of practice. It comes just at the right time, when I am preparing to facilitate an online community for the first time in my life. I thought it might help me recognise various types of…


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How to build strong relationships with grassroots organizations

Re-posting this series from the early days of

Adapted from: The Barefoot Collective. (2009). The Barefoot Guide to Working with Organizations and Social Change. Cape Town: Community Development Resource Association.


In order to build authentic relationships with grassroots organizations, these qualities,…


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How do you help people to develop? The SNV Way

Most development workers know that development depends on people's own initiatives. Yet, that is easier said then done. How do you then help people to develop? It's a profession! That's why SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, an international NGO, is investing in professional development of its advisors.



Added by Lucia Nass on February 20, 2012 at 6:30 — 1 Comment

M&E and your Cellphones

You guessed it! Project management is discovering more and more uses of the power of the ever present cellphones. Like the internet, cellphones reached the remote rural areas much faster than refrigerators, TV, radio and even electricity did.

Now, cellphones are used in Monitoring and Evaluations (M&E). it will be interesting to have more case studies aside…


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