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Are you a TED fan yet? Ideas worth spreading!

Ever since I ended my latest fulltime contract in April I have thrown myself into the virtual world. It's amazing what you can do and learn these days from the comforts of your chair. Behind every space I discover, there is a wealth of other hidden spaces. It is so inspiring.

One of the permanent treasures in my google reader (see below) are the TED Talks: videos of under 18 minutes where passionate doers and thinkers give the talk of their life. Despite the .com, TED is a non-profit (1984). At TED they believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. My kind-of-crowd you know.

Check this out for instance. Research by Richard Wilkinson shows what you always knew: the higher the income inequalities within a country, the more trouble in that society. Richard is a bit dry, except his joke that Americans should come to Denmark to live the American dream, but very convincing and worth spreading.




If you don't know what a google reader is let me enlighten you. With a 'reader' you can follow all your favourite website without having to actually go there. Sounds good no? It is! Here's how it works. You must have seen the organge square on most websites which states RSS. That's where you can add the website to your reader. It is really very simple, especially if you are already using gmail. You find the reader under "more" in the menu above your gmail. You use your google account to make your own reader. Now go to one of your favourite websites and click on the organge RSS icon. You can now select the 'google' option, and 'add to reader'. Once that is done, look in your reader and you will see a list of all the recent items on that website. It has become my totally personalised work related newspaper. And TED Talks have certainly become a favourite colomn.

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