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Accountability in Myanmar – a tale of two towns

While many CSO in Myanmar are facing Nay Pyi Taw, we have our feet in a muddy drain and waste dump of two towns in Tanintharyi Region. We, that is VNG and Loka Ahlin in cooperation with the…


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Shouting at the system doesn't make it work

So if shouting doesn’t work, what will? On the 22nd of June 2017, CPAN, in partnership with Mzumbe University, INTRAC and the Foundation for Civil Society, brought together researchers, policy-makers and practitioners at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in…


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It's about finding the questions – not giving the answers

Whenever I meet social accountability practitioners abroad, they wonder: Social Accountability in Ethiopia, with civil society involvement, really? We all have these boxes in our head – Ethiopia, restrictive NGO environment, one party system, top-down political economy, etc… So many “challenges” can be…


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Unlocking the inclusive potential of government policies and services

Government policies and basic services have the potential to create opportunities for large numbers of people to work themselves out of poverty. Local governments and frontline service providers are ideally placed to enable the inclusion, so that policies and services reach their potential. Here are…


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Shifting mind-sets in Ethiopia

We took a bit of a risk at the National Conference Ethiopia Social Accountability Program phase 2 (ESAP2) by starting with the Theatre for Social Accountability. Yet as soon as the coughing began that brings the audience into the imaginary health centre I knew the theatre would work well to introduce the audience to…


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Working with the Social Accountability System

The ESAP2 Management Agency and the CSOs have “worked with the system”, so that Social Accountability would trigger interest and action among various stakeholders. As a Social Accountability Expert with the ESAP2 MA, I highlighted the key interventions that have developed capacity and generated systems…


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GPSA - forum WDR 2017 Governance and Law

It was with great pleasure that I accepted the request of the Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) knowledge platform to co-facilitate an e-forum in preparation for the World Development Report 2017 on Governance and Law, lead by Steve Cummins.…


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Community singing

I have signed up for U.lab - a free online course or MOOC facilitated by Otto Scharmer from Theory U and more recently…


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Global Partnership for Social Accountability - knowledge platforms

It's no news: I am a fan of knowledge platforms and online information brokers (see this post for instance). It was therefore rewarding to see that the GPSA knowledge platform noticed me and asked for an interview. Thanks ladies! …


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Ombudsman - the watchdog doesn't always need teeth

After the round table about Ombudsman Institutions and their relationship to social accountability at the World Bank, I approached Mr. Danang Girindrawardana, Ombudsman Indonesia to learn more about his relationship with the government. The focus of the round-table questions had rightfully been about reaching out to…


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Stimulating the Social Accountability movement

When we were talking about facilitating the last learning event in the Ethiopia Social Accountability Program phase 2 (ESAP2), we noticed that more and more stakeholders are gradually taking an interest because the program is producing real service improvement results. How to bring relatively new stakeholders on board with those who have already been involved with Social Accountability for two years or more? This workshop needed to help old…


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M&E and learning in logframed programs

I usually find myself working in "logframed" programs, and have become adept at making useful monitoring and learning happen within that context. Here are some of the things I have learned as a non-M&E person:

  • it doesn't have to be in the logframe - if there is a good result, governments…

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Power - a reminder from Dublin

At the end of a content packed workshop on Governance, Accountability & Citizen Empowerment in Dublin (June 2014), I knew what I wanted to do with partners in the Ethiopia Social Accountability Program…


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Gender Analysis and Influencing Budgets - at the heart of Social Accountability

When we were updating the Gender Responsive Budget tool (GRB) for ESAP2 partners it struck me again how fundamental the combination of gender…


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Citizen Engagement for improved basic services in Ethiopia

This paper was prepared for the Governance, Accountability & Citizens' Empowerment workshop in Dublin together with Tamiru Lega Berhe (ESAP2)…


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Capacity develops in interactions and relationships

A Social Accountability practitioner was arguing the other day that citizens needed their own space to reflect on service issues, and should be protected from political and government interference during that process. In his view, citizens need to be empowered first. While I certainly agree that citizens need their…


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Social Accountability in Ethiopia – learning by doing

Tomorrow, we are hosting a meeting with over 100 Executive Directors of NGOs in Ethiopia. The NGOs are grantees and their sub-partners of the Ethiopia Social Accountability Programme 2 (World Bank multi donor trust fund of about 25 million USD). The Executive…


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Large group event – capturing what happens

How do you take the essence of what happens in a group of close to 200 people? This question becomes even more difficult to answer when the audience is predominantly geared to an oral rather than a writing culture. Here’s what we did:

  1. Find out who likes to write: In an icebreaker, we asked the audience to stand up if a statement related to them. One of the statements was: you have a masters’ degree. This enabled us to identify people who likely know how to…

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Learning by comparing

How do you organise learning from projects among 50 civil society organisations and their government counterparts? The method we used was learning benchmarks. We gathered data about the projects from quarterly reports, and presented this in the form of tables and graphs. In this way, projects of 5 organisations were compared on progress, social inclusion, gender mainstreaming and satisfaction with behaviour change of citizens and government stakeholders in the project.…


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Reality Training - getting the 10% of learning right

“I have got the best experience in my career in the last 5 days.” This is an example of the great comments we received from participants in a training for new grantees of the Ethiopia Social Accountabiltiy Programme phase 2 (also on…


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