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I have wanted to start a blog for a while now. In many ways I am a collector, and I would like to make my collections available to others. The risk with collections is that they tend to find more and more interesting things around which collections could grow, and then run out of space. I therefore see my blog as a way to keep focus and give room to a big passion of mine: working with people’s change towards situations that are more ideal and just. This collection will, at least for starters, cover a number of change angles:

  • Learning: how that happens in myself, individuals and groups 
  • Facilitation and coaching 
  • Systems, small and large group processes 
  • Poverty, power and progress

Next to my blogs’ aim to deepen what have become four constant themes in my working life, I also see the blog as a way to stay connected to other change facilitators, or capacity development professionals if you like. Through sharing I hope to gain.

I already have a bead collection. Beads may tell something about who I am. I am fascinated by history. Not the facts and the dates, which my brain refuses to memorise, but the beautiful pieces that have managed to survive way beyond the human life span: just like the ancient beads I collected in west-Africa, some of which travelled from Asia to the Sahara desert millenia ago. Beads are the oldest form of creative expression, and they are still around today. I see my world-beads-collection as an expression of cultural difference, and also as a way to express myself. Beads from different times and cultures can be strung together and made into something completely new that has value today. That is who I am in my work as well: muddling through people’s thoughts and histories, trying to see what they see and believe in, and help thread that together so that it adds new value to the social collective.

That's the name and content of my blog explained, so here goes the first blog post. Looking forward to this journey, and to hearing what you think.

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Comment by Tom Derksen on September 27, 2011 at 8:54
Hi Lucia, I like the way how you explained the 'beads' part in your blog's name. I think the challenge is how to engage others in this. What engages me personnaly most are either vivid short stories or strong lessons learned based on solid evidence gained from a thorough analysis or research of cases. I also dont find the time in general to read most info that comes my way. What I notice myself reading are short eye catching engaging e-newsletters. Hope to see you soon. Tom

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