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How to connect with the CBA community leaders?

Over a year ago I started my first consultancy in the climate change community. I am a capacity development facilitator, so my first interest was in finding out what others are doing. I got completely lost in the forest of climate change websites and portals, and to get in touch with the right people was next to impossible.

For instance, I was impressed with Saleem Huq’s blog and vlog (video blog!) , but I did not see anyone commenting. As a newcomer I will not contact Saleem on his blog if nobody else does. Fortunately I ran into Saleem last November during the Bangkok floods. That’s why I am writing this blog here now. Both of us were excited about the idea of a place where CBA practitioners would actually talk to each other about their practice. Imagine an online place where CBA practitioners would like to hang out because it is where stuff happens, where questions find answers, where help can be found.

Just after I met with Saleem, I started a course on social media, learning and change. Within days I found a community of people who are constantly sharing what they are learning, asking for advice and getting it instantly from each other. This community of complete strangers has become a place where I go almost every day now. It is inspirational, interesting and practical.

Would a vibrant community like the one I am a member of be possible in the CBA community? Yes, I think so. On CBA-X at Eldis-communities, there are over a 1000 members interested in CBA issues. This community could be active and self-sustaining, with members stimulating discussion and commentary on issues of interest.

What I have learned is that a few things need to come together, and CBA6 with its communication theme may just be the place for this to start happening.

  1. a few people are excited to start sharing and learning from each other online, and ideally some of them are highly respected in the community
  2. they are not afraid of the competition, in fact they realize that collaboration and online visibility is essential for getting those donor bucks to advance the goals of their own organization
  3. a user friendly online space (I think we found it already!)
  4. a community gardener who helps the community to grow and who gives good community produce an accessible place

The vision is big, but the start is small. Who is interested to start building that vibrant CBA community? Take this short survey.

This blogpost has also been posted at CBA-X, Community Based Adaptation eXchange.

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