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Making sense of varying perspectives among professionals

A literature review by chance2sustain on water governance approaches made me think about my ‘building professional bridges’ quest from the angle of differing perspectives.

I had been exploring two broad perspectives categories so far, that of the conservation/ecosystems (ecosystems based approaches to climate change) and the development/empowerment communities (community based approaches to climate change). Of course such boxes never reflect the real world, but people do associate themselves with such labels. This is often cause for misunderstanding, and closer observation reveals lots of overlap between approaches, or at least room for synergy. It helps if practitioners with different professional backgrounds are offered a framework around which they can talk to each other.

The framework developed in the chance2sustain paper departs from seeing water from different perspectives, like water as an economic good, a social good or human right, an ecological good, and finally a sector. Each of these perspectives is then described around a number of variables. I have drawn a table as example.
Developing something like this with various professional groups could be a useful exercise to explore interests and opportunities for synergy, for strengthening collaboration.

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