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Exciting new work towards integration of Community Based and Ecosystems Based Adaptation Approaches

The room was packed yesterday for the CBA6 session on integration with Ecosystems Based Adaptation. It was the most energized athmosphere that I witnessed so far at CBA6 (but hey, I have not been to any of the out-of-the-box sessions which I hear are super too!).

Some of the CBA crowd may frown a bit, because Ecosystems Based Adaptation comes out of the conservation corner, and all that "they" care about is the environment and species. If that's your thinking, you can't be more wrong.

IUCN, CARE, IIED and WWF have done some difficult soul searching around CBA and EBA integration over the past 1,5 years. They have discovered remarkable complementarity between the two approaches. Mind you, it is not about making one contrived mash of the two approaches, but about clarifying what each approach has to offer. More collaboration between CBA and EBA practitioners in adaptation programs promises to yield better adaptation results for (vulnerable) people and their environment.

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