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There are only a few at CBA6 who have discovered the benefits of social media for their personal development and personal effectiveness.  Most still  think they do not have the time for tweets and that sort of stuff.

I thoughht that talking about time saving and other advantages of an online CBA community  would help to get people excited. I should have known better! People learn from experience. I have only known this for the past 20 years or so. What is needed is that I give them a positive experience.

And it's begining to work! I'm blogging my insights from  CBA6 to the CBA X site, and slowly but surely some people are starting to respond there.

My take away from CBA6? Growing an online community is not a mater of convincing people, but of sharing your own experience online at the right time and place, and trusting that people will begin to respond.  I'll stick with it for the next few weeks, and help people, where needed, to find their way with it.

Curious? Become a member of CBA eXchange and post your blog exercise (instructions follow).


I wrote this blog as an exercise during an Out-of-the-Box session on the 6th Community Based Adaptation Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam 16-22 April 2012.  The session on blogging with Suzanne Fisher Murray, content manager @IIED gave some great tips for blogging. Try Suzanne's blog exercise for yourself. Read the full Out-Of-The-Box blogging story here.

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