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April 2012 Blog Posts (7)

Social media as a time saver

There are only a few at CBA6 who have discovered the benefits of social media for their personal development and personal effectiveness.  Most still  think they do not have the time for tweets and that sort of stuff.

I thoughht that talking about time saving and other advantages of an online CBA community  would help to get people excited. I…


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Exciting new work towards integration of Community Based and Ecosystems Based Adaptation Approaches

The room was packed yesterday for the CBA6 session on integration with Ecosystems Based Adaptation. It was the most energized athmosphere that I witnessed so far at CBA6 (but hey, I have not been to any of the out-of-the-box sessions which I hear are super too!).

Some of the CBA crowd may frown a bit, because Ecosystems Based Adaptation comes out of…


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Community Based Adaptation: facing fragmentation and stakeholder collaboration

I am on a quest to find common ground for a CBA community of practice.

There are a few issues that were mentioned yesterday at CBA6, the 6th conference on Community Based Adaptation (live coverage here or follow #CBA6 on…


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How to connect with the CBA community leaders?

Over a year ago I started my first consultancy in the climate change community. I am a capacity development facilitator, so my first interest was in finding out what others are doing. I got completely lost in the forest of climate change websites and portals, and to get in touch with the right people was next to impossible.

For instance, I was…


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How to write a book with 20 grassroots organizations?

With development loosing political interest in much of Europe, It has become even more important that stories of grassroots organizations get told and heard. Local organizations however usually dread reporting time, and most will not see monitoring and reporting as an opportunity to learn.

So when I was asked to facilitate a seminar in Myanmar with local organizations on…


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How to organise a live Twitterfeed offline?

My client wanted to have a panel in the seminar for grassroots organisations in Myanmar. They had invited interesting guest speakers, but I have developed an allergy for panels with 4 times 15 minutes presentation, after which the audience can ask questions. I learned that very few people are capable of delivering a memorable presentation. Moreover, many speakers take longer than the planned quarter of an hour, so that time for audience questions is reduced to a bare minimum. And then each…


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Does Aid Still Matter?

The recent report on Aid Effectiveness is now out. Does aid still work? Are they still effective? Get the report…


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